Pacific Tan Co. Tanning Products

Pacific Tan Co. staff will help you select a lotion or product to meet your needs and budget. We carry many options including samples and bottles from DESIGNER SKIN, SUPRE TAN, CALIFORNIA TAN, and DEVOTED CREATIONS to name a few.

Why is it important to use a premium indoor tanning lotion?

Magnification — Without getting too technical, the oils and aloe vera gels found in premium indoor tanning lotions create a refractive prism, allowing your skin to better absorb UV light. That means more efficient tanning with optimum results.

Hydration — The deep skin moisturizers found in premium indoor tanning lotions have one purpose; to keep your skin moist and healthy before, during, and after your tanning sessions. Healthy, moisturized skin will allow a darker tan that lasts longer.

Conditioning — Premium indoor tanning lotions provide and replace vital nutrients your skin needs to achieve a natural, radiant, golden bronze tan. Ingredients often include vitamins, minerals, oils, body butters, antioxidants, and natural botanicals.

What are the different types of lotions?

Accelerators — Accelerators help the skin naturally achieve deep and dark tanning results. All accelerators will have an ingredient called unipertan or tyrosine. These are amino acids that stimulate your own natural melanin (pigment) production.

Bronzers — Bronzers give your skin additional and immediate color through cosmetic bronzing and sunless tanning agents. Bronzing agents can include a self-tanning agent called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), walnut extract, and caramel.

Tingles — Tingles increase the microcirculation and oxygenation of your skin to give you deep and dark tanning results quickly. These lotions also have a temporary warming and reddening effect on your skin. The active ingredient responsible for the tingling sensation is called benzyl nicotinate.

Coolants — Coolants bathe your skin in a refreshing and cooling essence to further enhance your tanning sessions. Active cooling ingredients include menthyl lactate or an additional cooling agent.

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